CYTUS2收歌补完计划 - 2022年4月更新日志



新增曲目:Kaguya,Red Storm Sentiment

Ivy(C): Libera Me(B 95.47->A 97.60), Biotonic(S 99.35->MM 99.41), Pressure(S 99.06->MM 99.54)

Miku(C): 月西江(S 99.37->MM 99.52), Can't Make a Song!!(S 99.34->MM 99.78)

Vanessa(C): Risoluto(97.81->98.32), Risoluto(隐) (96.61->97.17), Incyde(B 96.91->A 98.01), THE BEGINNING(98.61->99.30), Chaos and Abyss -3rd Movement-(96.76->97.53), Duality(99.21->99.53), Blessing Reunion(S 98.50->MM 99.28)

Vanessa(G): The Whole Rest(A 97.14->S 98.53)

Graff.J(E): Ask to Wind Live Mix(MM 99.34->收)

Graff.J(C): Ask to Wind Live Mix(MM 99.60->收), We're All Gonna Die(B 94.43->A 95.76),  Oshama Scramble!(97.56->98.00), Kaguya(A 96.74), Red Storm Sentiment(A 98.72), Blackest Luxury Car(A 97.83->S 98.46), FUJIN Rumble(97.86->98.06), 東京Funk(98.21->98.60), Until the Blue Moon Rises(97.85->98.98), Magical Toy Box(94.51->95.58)

ROBO_Head(C): Midnight(97.77->98.02)

ROBO_Head(H): Restriction(MM 99.94->收), Luolimasi(MM 99.37->收), Claim the Game(MM 99.37->收), Devillic Sphere(99.09->99.63), Midnight(MM 99.81->收), Nocturnal Type(99.05->99.93), Hyperbola(MM 99.60->收), SHIRO(MM 99.80->收), 

Bo Bo(C): Snow Blossom(98.62->99.16), New Quest(A 98.11->S 98.25), NORDLYS(A 98.10->S 98.84)

NEKO#ΦωΦ(H): Ready to Take the Next Step(99.67->99.96)

PAFF(C): I Wish You Were Mine(97.87->98.31), PIXIE DUST(S 98.50->MM 99.25)

Alice(E): Living In The One(MM 98.97->收), I hate to tell you(MM 99.71->收)

Alice(H): Living In The One(S 98.84->收)

Hans(E): Ruins in the Mirage(MM 98.20->收), Leviathan(MM 99.88->收)