CYTUS2收歌补完计划 - 2021年8月更新日志


更新4.1,增加曲包Marelous Mix vol.7,包含曲目:

Ready to Take the Next Step, The Devil Will Pray, ArkLight, Code Interceptor, La Prière

Ivy(C): 99 Glooms(B 96.17->A 97.97), Red Five(98.94->99.05), VIS::CRACKED(92.58->95.96), Sentimental Journey(A 96.60->S 98.77), BloodyMare(97.68->98.00)

PAFF(H): Save me Now(MM 99.65->收)

PAFF(G): KANATA(A 98.39->MM 99.09), Orison(A 94.52)

Vanessa(C): Installation(隐) (A 96.62), Risoluto(隐) (A 96.14), Incyde(B 96.91), THE BEGINNING(A 95.80)

Neko(C): I can avoid it.#φωφ(MM 97.81->MM 98.29)

ROBO_Head(C): Symbol (PTB10 Remix) (A 98.31), ViRUS(MM 99.79), Accelerator(A 96.80), Armaros(A 97.78), Break the Core(A 97.47), Milky Way Galaxy (SIHanatsuka Remix) (A 97.93), tundra(A 97.98

NEKO#ΦωΦ(C): LOUDER MACHINE(98.62->99.14)


ROBO_Head(C): Zeus(A 98.20), Breaching BIOS(A 95.38),The Devil Will Pray(B 94.07), ArkLight(A 95.99)


Graff.J(C): Blackest Luxury Car(A 97.83), 粉骨砕身カジノゥ(B 94.90), 時計の部屋と精神世界(A 98.12), XING(A 99.02), Brave My Heart(A 99.11), Final Step!(A 98.48), Medusa(A 96.69), XODUS(B 93.59), The 89's Momentum(A 96.64), The 90's Decision(A 96.74)


Hans(C): Path and Period(A 96.94), Aragami(B 95.36)


Graff.J(C): Circus Time(A 96.13)

Graff.J(H): Brave My Heart(收)

NEKO#ΦωΦ(C): Ready to Take the Next Step(B 95.39)

Ivy(H): Reset(99.00->99.69), D R G(MM 99.92->收), Tokiwatari(MM 99.41->收), 99 Glooms(MM 99.77->收), Summer Zephyr(MM 99.94->收), Cristalisia(99.25->99.89), Red Five(99.30->99.94), DigiGroove(99.10->99.76), Heat Ring(MM 99.94->收)


NEKO#ΦωΦ(H): Ready to Take the Next Step(MM 99.67)

NEKO#ΦωΦ(E): Ready to Take the Next Step(收)

ROBO_Head(E): The Devil Will Pray(MM 99.59), ArkLight(收)

ROBO_Head(H): The Devil Will Pray(MM 99.80), ArkLight(MM 99.86)

Graff.J(H): BREAK FREE(MM 99.65)

Graff.J(C): Dead V-Code (Special Edit) (B 96.04), sweet conflict(A 98.61), Centimeter Johnny(A 97.99), Obey(S 98.74), BREAK FREE(A 97.85), DON'T LISTEN TO THIS WHILE DRVING(A 98.06), RESET MAN(S 98.60), PERSONA(S 99.14), OUT OF THE MATRIX(A 99.07), Curiosity killed the cat(MM 99.20), REBELLIA(A 96.17), Code Interceptor(A 97.36), La Prière(B 94.46)


Graff.J(E): Circus Time(收), Dead V-Code (Special Edit) (MM 99.92), sweet conflict(MM 99.82), Centimeter Johnny(收), Obey(收)

Graff.J(H): Circus Time(MM 99.80), Dead V-Code (Special Edit) (MM 99.92), sweet conflict(MM 99.90), Centimeter Johnny(收), Obey(MM 99.92), Code Interceptor(MM 99.53), La Prière(MM 99.87), Blackest Luxury Car(MM 99.87), Final Step!(收)


Graff.J(E): BREAK FREE(MM 99.77), DON'T LISTEN TO THIS WHILE DRVING(收), RESET MAN(收), PERSONA(收), OUT OF THE MATRIX(收), Curiosity killed the cat(收), REBELLIA(收), Code Interceptor(收), La Prière(收)

Graff.J(H): XODUS(A 99.63), 粉骨砕身カジノゥ(S 99.30), 時計の部屋と精神世界(MM 99.95), XING(S 99.59), Medusa(MM 99.65), The 89's Momentum(A 99.46), The 90's Decision(MM 99.83)

Crystal PuNK(C): Still(Piano Version) (MM 98.28->收)


Graff.J(E): Blackest Luxury Car(收), 粉骨砕身カジノゥ(S 99.11), 時計の部屋と精神世界(MM 99.85), XING(收), Brave My Heart(收), Final Step!(收), Medusa(MM 99.87), XODUS(S 99.48), The 89's Momentum(收), The 90's Decision(收), Glorious Crown(99.01->99.85)

Graff.J(H): Gigantic Saga(99.49->99.78), Ascension to Heaven(99.19->99.68), Lifill(99.02->99.32)

Graff.J(C): Conundrum(97.78->98.20), Sdorica The Story Unfolds(98.38->99.09), Hesitant Blade(98.07->98.80), Pounding Destination(98.99->99.11), Lights of Muse(96.57->96.61), The 89's Momentum(96.64->98.50), The 90's Decision(96.74->96.79), Glorious Crown(91.99->93.55), Oshama Scramble!(97.07->97.34), BlythE(97.49->99.00), glory day(98.51->99.28)


Hans(E): Dream(收), Aragami(收), Path and Period(收), Lost in the Nowhere(MM 99.64)

Hans(H): Dream(MM 99.92), Sunset(MM 99.94->收)

Hans(C): Sunset(S 99.49->MM 99.68)

Alice(H): ANiMA(98.90->99.52), 都市の呼吸(S 99.15->MM 99.58), Marigold(99.66->99.95)

NEKO#ΦωΦ(C): Sunday Night Blues(99.19->99.26)

Graff.J(H): We're All Gonna Die(99.09->99.59)

ConneR(H): Imprinting(99.67->99.78), Aphasia(MM 99.76->收), L’Ultima Cena(99.59->99.90)

Neko(H): Re:incRnaTiØN ~夕焼ケ世界ノ決別ヲ~(99.16->99.87)

PAFF(H): Body Talk(MM 99.45->收), SECRET;WEAPON(99.37->99.79)

Cherry(C): I'M NOT(98.63->99.31), Stop at nothing (Andy Tunstall remix) (98.31->99.20)


ConneR(C): Imprinting(A 98.38->S 99.10)

Sagar(H): Nídhögg(98.44->99.74)

Sagar(C): Elysium(S 98.23->MM 99.39), Immram Brain(A 98.67->MM 99.13), Doldrums(95.25->97.63), Nídhögg(B 94.00->A 97.60), Legacy(96.71->98.37), A Portent of the Silver Wheel(95.92->97.93), Sacrifice(B 94.09->S 98.59), Return of the Lamp(B 93.16->A 96.73)

Ivy(C): Lunar Mare(B 97.10->A 97.80), FREEDOM DiVE(92.61->93.38), Occidens(96.97->97.69)


Ivy(C): D R G(S 98.14->MM 99.00), Biotonic(A 97.76->S 99.35), Alexandrite(A 97.78->S 97.78), Tokiwatari(97.89->99.32), Purge(98.76->99.13), Bloody Purity(B 95.64->A 96.67), Masquerade(98.88->99.34), Saika(98.75->99.19), Summer Zephyr(98.97->99.39)