CYTUS2收歌补完计划 - 2022年2月更新日志


Vanessa(H): Ⅱ́̕(99.19->99.64)

Vanessa(C):Chaos and Abyss -3rd Movement-(95.59->96.76), Installation(隐) (A 96.62->S 97.38)

Ivy(E): paradigm-paragramme-program(MM 99.90->收)

Ivy(H): Area184(99.37->收), paradigm-paragramme-program(MM 99.84->收)

Ivy(C): CODE NAME : SIGMA(92.49->93.89), paradigm-paragramme-program(96.36->98.15), New Challenger Approaching(B 96.29->A 97.94)

Neko(H): Re:incRnaTiØN ~夕焼ケ世界ノ決別ヲ~(MM 99.87->收)

Graff.J(H): XODUS(A 99.63->MM 99.80), The 89's Momentum(A 99.46->MM 99.61)

Graff.J(C): glory day(S 99.62->MM 99.67), Play The Future(97.74->98.30), dynamo(B 94.29->A 95.44), Silent Voice(97.75->98.81), Spring(97.52->98.00), Centimeter Johnny(A 97.99->S 98.81), Dead V-Code (Special Edit) (B 96.04->A 97.79), Circus Time(96.13->98.48), Obey(S 98.74->MM 99.02), BREAK FREE(97.85->99.13), REBELLIA(96.17->97.79), 粉骨砕身カジノゥ(94.90->97.03), Medusa(96.69->97.99)

NEKO#ΦωΦ(H): Brain Power(MM 99.76->收), Hard Landing(MM 99.36->收), Chrome VOX(MM 99.69->收), Blow my mind(98.02->98.72), Chrome VOX(97.34->98.09)

ROBO_Head(C): Restriction(MM 99.93->收), Devillic Sphere(96.13->98.82), CHAOS(96.68->97.26), EMber(98.94->99.24), ArkLight(95.99->97.68)

Alice(C): to next page(A 97.84->S 99.26)

Hans(C): Run Go Run(98.33->99.31), Platinum(A 96.81->MM 99.43), Leviathan(97.04->98.04), Ruins in the Mirage(S 97.83->MM 99.15)

Rin(C): 「妖怪録、我し来にけり。」(97.23->98.62), すゝめ☆クノイチの巻(97.60->98.54)

ConneR(C): Xiorc(98.46->99.54), REBELLIUM(97.26->98.13), Light of Buenos Aires(98.06->98.95), Aphasia(98.90->99.22)

Cherry(G): CREDENCE(98.83->99.04), Stop at nothing (Andy Tunstall remix) (S 99.20->MM 99.65)

Xenon(C): Chosen(98.19->99.19), Violet(96.83->98.55)

PAFF(C): Lilac for Anabel(A 98.63->S 99.43), Make Me Alive(A 99.55->MM 99.76), illMenate(97.30->98.85), Light up my love!!(S 98.61->MM 99.42)

Crystal PuNK(C): Sunshine Duration(A 98.65->MM 99.28), velkinta feat. Cikado & A-Tse(98.58->99.10)

Nora(C): Jakarta PROGRESSION(A 98.06->S 98.63)


Ivy(C): Drifted Fragments(96.37->98.10), What's Your PR.Ice?(98.91->99.16), Heat Ring(S 98.84->MM 99.42), Leaving All Behind(97.90->99.00), Symmetry(94.22->97.25), conflict(96.31->97.14), FREEDOM DiVE(93.38->94.20), Saika(S 99.19->MM 99.73)

Ivy(G): conflict(94.51->95.62)

ROBO_Head(C): Accelerator(97.95->98.70)

ROBO_Head(H): tundra(S 99.65->MM 99.90)

PAFF(C): Super attractor(97.13->98.18)

NEKO#ΦωΦ(C): Ready to Take the Next Step(B 96.70->A 97.84), Brain Power(98.98->99.55)

Neko(C): Re:incRnaTiØN ~夕焼ケ世界ノ決別ヲ~(95.31->96.32)

Xenon(C): SAMURAI(96.71->97.79)

Crystal PuNK(C): Deep Dive(97.36->98.49)